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 Along with the deepening of economic globalization and economic reforms, China has become one of the world’s fastest growing economies. From 1979 on, China’s GDP has grown at an amazing velocity – average annual rate over 9%. China became one of the top 4 economies of the world in 2006.

 With the rapid growth of international trade, past due receivable problems are looming. This is of great concern to all kinds of organizations, especially to foreign trade companies. Should the account receivable not be collected, the profit of enterprises will greatly be influenced (refer to the table below).


Delinquent Amount

Profit Margin

20% 10% 2%







50,000 250,000


100,000 500,000


1,000,000 5,000,000

 Nowadays for many companies, an efficient and effective credit cycle management is one of the most important challenges for every manager. Ill communication / cooperation between sales dept and financing dept, failure of inner credit management, and such on can lead to accounts receivable problems. Most companies involved in export and import have found outsourcing is the most efficient way to face the challenge of arrears, acting upon same the sooner the better.

 Aiming to be the leading provider of accounts receivable management services in China, we are ready to provide you with advice and assistance on all perspectives with regard to credit. Our clients’ successful business achievements bring us much pleasure and pride.

 We are committed to improving our customers’ cash flow, increasing recoveries and reducing operational costs. We are committed to reducing their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), mending working capital and ameliorating financial ratios. With the unique SINOSURE Databank and SinoRating information, we are ready to assist you, whether you are a large corporation or a sole proprietorship. Our services help clients improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, and gain better control of the receivable process. Utilizing our services, you will ultimately save time, money, and as a result improve revenue and cash flow.

 At the same time, we are committed to keep on improving our organization. Our goal is to become an extension of your overall business strategy and a total A/R solution partner. We are continually expanding our capabilities and growth in all service areas.


 In 1986, People's Insurance Company of (PICC) set up Export Credit Insurance Department.
 In 1988, PICC was authorized by Chinese government to start Export Credit Insurance operations.
 In 1992, PICC applied for the Berne Union membership.
 In 1994, The Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM) set up Export Credit Insurance Department.
 In 1996, PICC was accepted by the Berne Union as an observer.
 In October 1998, PICC became a member of the Berne Union.
 In May 2001, the State Council decided to establish China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) on the basis of the Export Credit Insurance Departments of both PICC and EXIM.
 In September 2001, SINOSURE succeeded PICC to be a member of the Berne Union.
 In October 2001, SINOSURE was established by merging the Export Credit Insurance Departments of both PICC and EXIM.
 In September 2001, SINOSURE succeeded PICC to be a member of the Berne Union
 In December 2002, SINOSURE Debt Collection Division was established to provide services to policyholders, ECA’s, and later all kinds of organizations. Its services and products have developed extensively as well as intensively in the subsequent years.
 In 2003, SINOSURE became a member of IACC – International Association of Commercial Collectors.


Accounts Receivable Management Center / China Export & Insurance Corporation

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